CCC – Cargo and Container

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Cargo/Container (CCC) is a completely managed ‘information broker’ service for companies requiring to send status and other job order information through the inter-modal supply chain.


Job Status
This brokered messaging service allows a company running TOPS (or indeed any other TMS) to transmit vital real-time service and status messages back up through the supply chain to those requiring greater inland visibility and accountability. A potentially unlimited number of messages per Job can be sent and include all of the following Date/Time events:

At every Waypoint, whether that is a Load, Unload, Collection or Delivery Location:

  • Set-Off Time
  • Actual Arrival Time
  • Start Tip/Lift Time
  • Depart Time

It also includes additional events such as:

  • Container and Seal Number updates
  • Resource (Own Truck/Driver or Subcontract resource) Assigned
  • Resource Unassigned
  • Resource Informed?
  • Transport Order Deleted
  • Transport Order Failed
  • Interface Update received
  • Demurrage Claim Expected warning
  • Arrival Time Exception Pre-Notification (with new ETA Time)
  • Transport Order completed
  • Proof of Delivery Details – including the complete electronic signature and detail

Of course, if ‘TOPS…on the go’ is implemented as your in-cab solution, all of the above status and information changes can be fully automated, requiring no intervention from the TOPS desk-based user.

The cost for this managed service, including transmission of the POD itself, (if electronically received by TOPS from ‘TOPS…on the go’), is priced per Job and this cost can be shared between both sender and recipient as required. There are no startup costs and Fargo Systems will undertake all the necessary setup and configuration tasks. All you need tell us is which messages you would like to send and when, and to whom. Default billing arrangements are monthly in arrears and comprise a complete transaction log for recharge/further analysis as required.

If TOPS is the receiving TMS system, this inbound information can be processed, (and forwarded further throughout your organisation), at no extra charge. For example, not only do the transport orders you gave to a subcontractor for delivery today turn green when completed, you, (and the Shipper’s Account Manager), only have to click on the Job to see the full signature and date/time details. The messages are of course also available for further processing through your organization, perhaps via your own web portal for the benefit of your shippers and consignees.

A TOPS-to-TOPS interface for the transmission and subsequent creation of Transport Orders has been a standard feature of TOPS since the earliest version. However, in recognition of smaller subcontractors, cultural differences and product diversity, we have now made available a transport order interface, sent via CCC, which has no startup costs and is accessible by everyone.

Non-TOPS Partners:
This interface, live now since June 2008, allows for companies using TOPS to send electronic transport order data to subcontractors who do not have TOPS. Or indeed for third-parties to send data to TOPS. Encrypted as far as the CCC server, the data can optionally be forwarded encrypted or unencrypted as either FTP files or email attachments. A complete definition of the message format is supplied together with sample data. Once tests have been carried out successfully, the cost for this service is priced per message.

Coming shortly – the TOPS eInvoice – your Rate Confirmation = Suppliers Sales Invoice = your PI
If TOTG is implemented, all of the above status and information changes can be fully automated, requiring no intervention from the TOPS user.